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Timi Tamminen – Generation Zero

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Have a look at Timi Tamminen's latest hip hop music video Generation Zero. Here's what Timi Tamminen had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"I remember having a slight idea of how the video would look like straight from the beginning while producing the song, as the production sounds rather dark and ominous. Working with the film crew (MTN Films) was a fun experience, they really understood my vision and made it come to life in an amazing way. A lot of the video was shot near my home address: I wanted to bring the streets and parks of London to life in a new, intriguing way."

More Details I'm a 24-year old artist/producer currently residing in London, and wanted to submit music for your consideration. Strongly sung, melodic vocal elements are a big part of my sound, and I love to fuse hip hop, alternative rock and R&B in inventive yet catchy ways. I write, produce and perform most of my songs by myself, and also do a lot of co-writing, hooks and features for other artists (last month I did 10 high-quality features). I'm currently completely independent and planning to self-release my album in 1-2 months!

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