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Interview: Lil Bibby says El Chapo’s Rich Enough to Buy Island & Not Get Caught’s with interview Lil Bibby to share some thoughts and on El Chapo’s riches. Apparently he has enough to ‘buy island & not get caught’. Do you feel generally Lil Bibby comes across as well in these kind of interviews?

Interview: Lil Bibby: Lil Herb Should Have Been on 2015 XXL Freshman List

Did the 2015 XXL Freshman list get it right? Lil Bibby to shares some views and opinions about Lil Herb with In general is a very well known platform for facilitating artist interviews, but how fair do you feel their questions are?

Interview: Obie Trice Details Impressing Eminem With “Second Round’s On Me”

Take a look at this discussion where Obie Trice shares a few thoughts on him lyrically impressing Eminem. Obie Trice had a good impact over hip hop scene back in the 00’s! Do you think is the right place artist for rappers like him to share their views?

Interview with Papoose: L&HH Won’t Hurt My Marriage to Remy Ma

Take a look at this interview in which Papoose shares a few thoughts on wife Remy Ma. Knowing he has a serious underground influence over how people think and behave, would you say that is the right space for artists like Pap to share their views?

Interview: Bad Azz says I Should Be on Hip Hop Lists, I Rap Good Like Jay Z

In 2015, managed to catch up with Bad Azz in the interview found directly above. Would you still consider supporting the Bad Azz brand now that you have a bigger insight into the artist? Was the Jay Z comparison fair?