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Parkstreet PR Testimonials


Check out all the some of Parkstreets previous client testimonials from artist to clothing brands, UK to USA, their track record speaks for itself! Start your capaign now.

Hip hop PR Promotions Testimonials

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“Park Street Promotions is by far the best worldwide promotion available. If you’re looking to really get your name and product out there than you need to holla at them. A+ Service Big Up”




“Park Street Promotions has been hands on with everything, and has situated us to get the most out of our release. Any questions I have they answer quickly and completely. They have high attention to details, are professional to the T, and will grind hard to get the results that you need.”

SO O.D from New York, USA



“Park Street Promotions really are establishing themselves as true leaders when it comes to promoting and preserving the underground. Their ability to successfully multi-task their efforts have made them a favourite of my label and I’m sure many other independent labels and artists.”

K-RINO from Houston, USA



“Park Street Promotions pushes their grind to the max. They are the ‘pro’ in ‘promotion’!

CEE-ROCK ‘THE FURY’ from New York, USA



“Park Street PR is the company to go to overseas (Europe). They push your product as if it was their own. You can always count on them to get you to that next level with promo and get you maximum exposure”

GEOLANI from New York, USA



“Park Street Promotions has really been instrumental in making my debut CD a success.”

RAPPER K from Houston, USA



“Park Street Promotions equals visibility. You can’t promote something without showing it off. Domestic/International they got ya covered. Get in the game and off the sideline with Park Street PR.”

TRAPSTAR from South Carolina, USA



“Mess with Park Street Promotions and get your buzz up and your green up.”

ROCCETT from California, USA



‘Park Street Promotions really got Dutty Devioso’s latest album “Up The Ante” great press! They know and understand Hip-Hop music so it means they really target the right audience.’

KD from Louisiana, USA



“Park Street Promotions are one of the best hip-hop companies I have worked with. True supporters of good music and they really do get you out there in Europe and on the internet”.




“Park Street Promotions are a big reason why HTA & Hardtimes Records have a great report in the UK.”


“Park Street Promotions not only promoted my release really well but also gave me the opportunity to work with international artists. The work on the promo for these projects was phenomenal! I am so proud to be a part of this movement”

DJ EASY from Berlin, Germany.

“You want to stand out on a worldwide scale, and take your career to another level in a REAL market dedicated to REAL artist…Park Street PR is hands down the best solution to your needs! Real talk, take your career to another level with Park Street PR!”

K- BURNS from Brooklyn, USA

“Park Street Promotions has been an important piece of the puzzle as it relates to the branding of my movement and music. From the UK and beyond, Park Street promotions excel in multi-tasking and I am blessed to have them in my life.”

Jehuniko – Los Angeles, CA


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“Park Street PR is the number 1 choice for independent artists and labels.”

Skriblah DanGogh (Terra Firma) from London UK



“Hip-Hop has its best ever PR Company and they go by the name of Park Street PR! The smartest thing I ever did in my career was to start working with them.”

IRON BRAYDZ from London, UK



“Park Street PR are the best around town. I’m telling you like dat!”

BIG NARSTIE from London, UK



“Park Street did a superb job of helping to push our website and store to a wider audience across social networking sites and the wider internet as a whole. We had a great response and it generated a lot of traffic for us.”

KING APPAREL (Clothing) from London, UK



“Park Street PR definitely put the work in throughout 2010 on getting maximum online exposure for our artist 9Lives and his album project “The World Could Wait”. Securing all the important interviews and reviews on all the important websites. Definitely good value and highly recommended. Big up Tricksta and the whole Park Street family”




“Working with Park Street PR has been an extremely positive experience for our brand, we are particularly impressed with how industriously they worked at developing awareness of our brand within the urban music scene and how they managed to boost lucrative traffic to our site.”

HOT POT ECO (Clothing) from Derby, UK



“If you want anyone to know about you or your release, talk to Park Street Promotions. They handle their biz and they got me on BBC1Xtra and all over the internet with my free download.”

JC of HOODZ UNDERGROUND from Sheffield, UK


“Park Street Promotions are really professional and have looked after me very well. I plan to use them again for my future projects and would recommend them to any one.”

CYCLONIOUS from London, UK



“After using Park Street Promotions for my last album, I would never use anybody else! They sat down with me and up with a plan and then executed it! They got my music played on BBC Radio One, BBC Asian Network and Galaxy FM, as well as getting me in the Metro national newspaper! Massive!”

JUTTLA from Wolverhampton, UK



“Park Street PR definitely helped me a lot to take my music to a wider audience. They work harder than most and are truly passionate about the music that they promote.”

SUPAR NOVAR from London, UK



“A promo company for hip-hop heads run by hip-hop heads… so effective and very professional”.

D GRITTY from Cardiff, UK



“Park Street Promotions work quickly and are very reliable and guaranteed to get your internet buzz up. I rock with these guys because they know about real Hip-Hop and know how to market you to the right audience!”

RAIN from South West London, UK



”Park Street PR got game strategies locked down he’s like the Alex Ferguson of rap”

REDS from East Anglia, UK



“Park Street PR did what they promised and more. I enjoyed communicating with the team and felt these guys really are worth the ££. They specialise in promoting independent and signed artists so you will see the benefits no matter how big or small the project. No need to go anywhere else, Park Street got it covered!”

QUEST RAH from London, UK



“During our four years of broadcasting Hip-Hop and Grime Music worldwide, has used Park Street PR’s expertise and professionalism to stay current in the Radio industry. We would be more than happy to recommend Park Street PR to any other radio station, recording artist or record/fashion label as the work they have undertaken for us has been outstanding and second to none.”



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“If you got a product to promote to a hip hop orientated audience, then work with Park Street PR. They are serious about business and very passionate about getting the job done”

LULLABY from London, UK


“Park Street Promotions are a professional outfit. They helped to spread awareness of me and my new EP Clarity. They have great links in the Urban market so can get you heard by the right people. I plan to use them again for my album launch and would recommend them to any one. Respect is due.”

RAKIN NIASS (Mecca 2 Medina) from London, UK



“Tricksta is number one for promotion and he’s such a blessed brother, honestly before I met Tricksta I had no idea on how to promote and get my projects out there. Since he’s been plugging my stuff i have definitely built a bigger fanbase, and he’s such a blessed guy. I owe him soo much!!”

RAZOR – London, UK



“Aint know one as hard working and passionate about UK urban music as Tricksta. Park Street PR go HARD to get results.”

Tommy Dmo – UK



“Before working with Park Street, I was sceptical of PR companies as a whole because of some of my previous experiences. After being actively pursued by Park Street, I decided to take a chance with them and I’m happy I did. Their enthusiasm and excitement in promoting my project was refreshing and inspiring. They did everything they said they were going to do and went beyond the call of duty on numerous occasions. Park Street have played an integral role in expanding my fan base and as a result, the project they promoted has become my most successful to date. I would like to thank Park Street for all their hard work and I am looking forward to working with them again”.

K.I.N.E.T.I.K from London, UK



“Park Street PR did exactly what they told me they were gonna do! This is a rare thing in a world full of fake people. Park Street are a company you can trust! I will use their services again and again! They put in the work every time!!”

AC from London, UK



“Park Street Promotions do a great job a truly quality service to artists at all levels long may they continue.”
TUSCHE DE COSTA from Birmingham UK



“Park Street Promotions provide a professional service at competitive prices. For me the key attributes to the company is their honesty and reliability. If you’re paying for promotion you want to know that your project is being promoted properly with the vision you have for it.”

STREETZ from London, UK



“Park Street PR is part of the family when we need to connect with a certain market segment. Park Street are our point of contact and just like an older brother they are there to introduce, connect and convert the market in to our friends, getting the job done in half the time and with minimum effort on our part.”




“If you wanna get your music out there on a worldwide level then holla at Park Street Promotions… simple!”

LATE from Wolverhampton, UK



“The results I got from Park Street Promotions genuinely exceeded my expectations, especially considering they have the most competitive pricing in the industry. Do not hesitate to use them because the results will speak for themselves.”

GRIT GRAMMAR from London, UK



“There’s only PR Company to go with in the UK and that’s Park Street PR a.k.a the hardest working company in the game!”

SHOW ’N’ PROVE from Edinburgh, UK



“Park Street PR was the first choice for our marketing campaigns. We had heard that so many PR companies out there sell there packages with false promises but with Park Street we had so many recommendations in the past we didn’t hesitate in contacting them. I can quite honestly say that Park Street PR is quite simply the best PR Company we have worked with for our releases. I have and always will recommend Park Street PR as the number one PR Company based in the UK.”

DJ VOKAL (OYM RECORDS) from Birmingham, UK



“I wanted to come into the game and drop three projects, one a month. They where able to deal with it and also do a brilliant job, I will now use Park Street PR for everything I do. They are cheaper, better, more experienced and they know the Hip-Hop market better than any other PR company in the game!”

DEEZE from Wolverhampton, UK



“Park Street PR is affordable, reliable, professional and very honest. They communicate well with the artist to always ensure the best possible service. I have no hesitation in recommending them to other any artists out there.”

CAPITAL R from Nottingham, UK


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“The reason why Park Street is so good at promoting artists is because they are artists… No politics, no bulls**t, the job gets done… true understanding.”




“If you want your music out there to the masses worldwide then Park Street Promotions is the company you need to be messing with. I constantly get artists I have done mixtapes with contacting me and telling me they have seen or release everywhere”

DJ AMES from The Midlands, UK



“Park Street Promotions are amazing. They kept me up to date through all of my promotion and were super efficient in turning things around. I’m love what they’ve done to get my name out there and thoroughly recommend them to any aspiring independent artists. Thank you Park Street.”

9 LIVES from London, UK



“Park Street Pr have really helped get my name out there, I’ve had loads of interviews and review, and have reached much wider audience than if I was promoting myself. Big up Tricksta and Park Street PR, it really works, I can’t recommend them enough!”

MR. MELTA from London, UK



“Park Street Promotions have been supporting DowntownSoul for two years now, they get you great exposure and are always 100% enthusiastic about the product – to get your name out there in the UK hip-hop scene I wouldn’t recommend anyone else, there’s a reason half the US majors use them!

THE BEAT THIEF from London, UK



“Park Street Promotions promoted my first release in all the right places, the recognition I received from their connections proved to be second to none experience for an underground artist.”
P.A.C from London, UK



“I would definitely recommend Park Street Promotions to anyone looking to get their voice heard, not only are the prices extremely competitive but I also found them to be highly professional regardless of my budget and status.”

DOUBLE E from Gloucester, UK



“Park Street PR helped my group move up a level within the music industry and really pushed us forward with their professional approach to marketing and promotion. We will definitely be using them for future projects and we’re sure many others who’ve used them would as well.

DIRTY D from THE GAR from Stoke, UK



“Park Street PR!! The first company I have worked with independently and truly lived up to their word. Would definitely recommend Park Street to artists looking for a quality promotional package which really does add impact to your music career. Big Up!”

N’CHYX from Wolverhampton, UK



“Park Street Promotions put me on the map! They made sure the industry knew my name, not just in the UK but also in Germany, France and the USA. They also got me in Murder Dog Magazine in the USA”

MANNY MOSCOW from London, UK



‘Park Street Promotions presented my music to people across the world with such high quality. I recommend their services to any artist looking for guaranteed exposure. Park Street Promotions always put in 100%’

JAY FULL STOP V from London, UK

”Park Street Promotions have got this game on lock down, real talk!  With more links than one of Slick Ricks gold chains, Tricksta has served our music up to everyone from big name radio presenters to the frontline DJ’s in hoods across the globe”

CHONIC REDEYE from Norwich, UK



“Park Street promotions are the best around for the price they charge full-stop. No where else are able to commit to a project and do the full service in the way they can. With a team that has real music experience and can easily call you to chat about your requirements. I needed promotion on my first single and they got the track thousands of views in a matter of days including over 1000 Facebook adds.”

GIANNI from London, UK



“Park Street Promotions are the biggest PR Company in the UK for hip-hop hands down, with constant updates and various features, interviews, reviews, news post and radio play; you can clearly see that Park Street is dedicated to pushing its clients.”

RELOAD from Wolverhampton, UK



“Not just doing better than the rest PARK STREET PROMOTIONS does it the best. They helped me get my first project off the ground and really do care about their clients. I have actually recommended them to other acts who have jumped on board and loved the service they got”

DJ NICENESS from Wolverhampton, UK



“When it comes to promoting your music in the UK, Park Street Promotions really are unbeatable. 99% of my online presence has been generated via them and whenever I have a new single or release to push, Park Street Promotions is the first place I go to!”

KID RAD from The Midlands, UK

“Park Street Promotions are definitely one of the best investments in my career so far, my internet profile has sky rocketed and it has helped my online sales.”

DEADLY from London, UK



“Park Street PR is the way forward for artists of all levels. Park Street PR is the hardest working Hip Hop PR specialist in the business right now, their professionalism and drive is unbeatable. If you want fast effective results on promotion and exposure, without breaking the bank then look no further than Park Street PR, i did it along with many other satisfied clients and i will never look back.”

MISTA FLIX, South London, UK



“Park Street PR are definitely worth using to promote you material!!!!!! They work hard and provide a competitive service and actually DO what they say they are gonna do! Holla at them!”

AC from London, UK



“Forget the money for a minute, what makes Park Street PR different from the rest is that they have have genuine passion for good music. And they have a work ethic that no-one can rival. If you think your music is good, Park Street PR will get your music heard by the people you want to hear it.”

MISS TOFELEES from Huddersfield, UK


‘Park Street PR are the best company to give artists the coverage they need! Their affordable, reliable & great at what they do! If your serious about music & after the coverage you need I recommend Park Street PR! 🙂 ‘

KEISHA JAYD from Midlands, UK

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