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TAUROS – The Type

Daxton Monoghan – Waterlines

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Rev Peter Unger – The Memories of God

Directly above is Rev Peter Unger’s inspiring folk music video The Memories of God. You can find further details of Rev Peter Unger’s music and video below:   “Peter wrote this song for the older people, who he had the honor and privilege of ministering to over many years. Pete explained that many had a… Read more »


POM – Citrus Mistress


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Rap Battle: COJAY VS MR RE | Don’t Flop

COJAY and MR RE go toe to toe in the Don’t Flop battle arena! Who do you feel had the hardest hitting punches that day?

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Rap Battle: BAMALAM VS MR RE | Don’t Flop

UK Battle rap performers BAMALAM & MR RE end up going face to face on Don’t Flop event. Which battler do you think came with the most impactful lyricism?

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Rap Battle: SOUL VS MATTER | Don’t Flop

Don’t Flop return again with another highly anticipated battlethis time starring rap battlers SOUL and MATTER. Who do you think had the hardest hitting bars?

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Rap Battle: Danny Myers vs KG The Poet | KOTD drops another freshly seasoned battle. Take a look at what happened when Danny Myers & KG The Poet exchanged lyrical punches Which battler do you think had the hardest hitting bars that day?