Music Video competition, cash prizes and more…

Vote for your favorite music videos. The best artist will win a cash prize (+promo packages) based on number of entrants. Highest star count  wins!!! It’s time good music was rewarded, lets do it!Music-video-competition-

Current prize money is set at $65! Competition will be announced before the end of December (please cast your votes or the prize rolls over) !!  Already have a video on the site? See our submissions page for details on how to enter:

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SHOCKLORE – It’s Your Trip

Dolla Bill – Busta U-Turn

SHOCKLORE – It’s Your Trip

Saynave – Resume

EmEl! – Choice

Fjord and the Prom Queens2254.4000
Tealand Smith 1434.6667
Daniel Jeddman1133.6667
Leph Louie824.0000
Black Baethoven723.5000
Cat Iz 414.0000