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ITY – Inspire the Youth

Inspire the Youth is a London-based organisation aimed at inspiring the secondary school students to aspire for more.

The company will seek to continually form partnerships with local schools, reputable organisations, resources and personnel. Inspire the Youth’s goal is to motivate the youth and expose them to relevant resources in alliance to their academic work, so they can become leaders of tomorrow.

Their program will promote inter-class friendship, strong interpersonal skills and reassert in our students, the confidence and capability to achieve great things in the future.

Encouraging students to take responsibilities for their personal development from a young age, we believe is vital to having a good prospect in the future and also inserting in them a sense of pride and accomplishment.

Why Inspire The Youth?

Founded in 2010, having understood the struggles that we as young people go through, our goal is to provide a platform where we can communicate and help each other grow. Regardless of our differences we are all here to make our dreams become a reality. The mediums are fun, interactive and engaging. We use 21st century technology to solve 21st century problems.




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