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Posting Rules

What Can you Post?

Songs and Music Videos Please… no freestyles

– Underground Tracks
– Fresh New Concepts
– Conscious/Controversial Themes
– Old School Vibez
– Educational Subjects
– Instrumentals/Beats/Soundtracks

We are a community so your music only please. Anything posted not following these rules will be removed, and repeated violators may be banned from the group.

Help us share good music

Hopefully this will be stuff which:

– Is New or Unheard
– Sounds good
– You can learn from

RULES for Posting Music

Everybody who is a member is welcome to post THEIR OWN MUSIC. To keep the project in order we have laid out a few rules for posting:

  1. Please only submit your newest Underground Music
  2. No Repeat Posting
  3. Label the post with appropriate info such as the artist name, genre, and subject matter.
  4. Submit up to 6 Tracks per week (the 2 artists from each catagory with the most thumbs up for the week will be contacted  to feature on our site and entered into one of our competitions)
  5. Songs and Music Videos Please… No freestyles


What can you do???

– If you like it…SPREAD SPREAD SPREAD… get your friends/fans to join the group
– Constructive Feedback – tell us what works and how to make it better
– Support your artist – THUMBS UP, COMMENT, RESHARE (these will be counted at the end of each week)
– Recommend artists and new talent to contact AVR

‘Music spread by the people, for the people…because YOU’RE THE PEOPLE!!!’