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A/V Revolution Hip Hop/ Rap Instrumentals Prod. By Consensus
PlayTitleStyle / GenreMood / InspirationExclusive
Low Life CasinoHip hop, boom bap, Piano, stringsDeep, life , stoy-telling, sorrow£50
SereneHip hop, boom bapSoft, light, chilled£50
Future Echoes Synth, Hip hop, CommercialFuturistic,  sorrow, deep£40
Tired of WorkHip hop, underground sampleRelaxed, piano, light, chilled,  Soft,£80
MahalaRap, Hip hop, piano, undergoundDark, , creepy, horror£40
Take No MoreHip hop, Synth, BeatSynth, light, hyper, high,£50
UndergroundHip hop, Underground, cypherHard, drums, sample£40
 AspirationsHip hop, BeatSoft, light£40
I know who you areSample, Piano, SynthHyper, Deep£50
Don’t Even WorryVocal Sample, Hip Hop, UndergroundSad , Woe. Lonely£40
Scheming Weasal Underground / Rap / SampleMystery, smoothFree, Attribution, CC
I WonderSynth /  Hip Hop, PianoDreamy / HyperFree, Attribution, CC
Say You’ll never LieCommercial / Rnb / Slow / SampleRelaxed, Mellow, GentleFree, Attribution, cc
Grow you own FoodExperimental, Synth, Hip HopRelax, MellowFree Attribution, CC
Fear Of TerrorStings, UndergroundDark, Mysterious, HauntedFree Attribution, CC