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Hip Hop / Rap Beats

A/V Revolution Hip Hop / Rap Beats and Instrumentals

Purchase A/V Revolution Hip Hop / Rap Beats Here!!

Check out A/V Revolution’s new hip hop and rap beats produced by Consensus. Free beats are also available below!! If you would like to buy a lease to any of our beats then just click on the link provided on the right hand side and you will be guided to our payment page via PayPal.

A/V Revolution Hip Hop/ Rap Instrumentals Prod. By Consensus
Play Title Style / Genre Mood / Inspiration Exclusive
Low Life Casino Hip hop, boom bap, Piano, strings Deep, life , stoy-telling, sorrow £50
Serene Hip hop, boom bap Soft, light, chilled £50
Future Echoes  Synth, Hip hop, Commercial Futuristic,  sorrow, deep £40
Tired of Work Hip hop, underground sample Relaxed, piano, light, chilled,  Soft, £80
Mahala Rap, Hip hop, piano, undergound Dark, , creepy, horror £40
Take No More Hip hop, Synth, Beat Synth, light, hyper, high, £50
Underground Hip hop, Underground, cypher Hard, drums, sample £40
 Aspirations Hip hop, Beat Soft, light £40
I know who you are Sample, Piano, Synth Hyper, Deep £50
Don’t Even Worry Vocal Sample, Hip Hop, Underground Sad , Woe. Lonely £40
Scheming Weasal  Underground / Rap / Sample Mystery, smooth Free, Attribution, CC
I Wonder Synth /  Hip Hop, Piano Dreamy / Hyper Free, Attribution, CC
Say You’ll never Lie Commercial / Rnb / Slow / Sample Relaxed, Mellow, Gentle Free, Attribution, cc
Grow you own Food Experimental, Synth, Hip Hop Relax, Mellow Free Attribution, CC
Fear Of Terror Stings, Underground Dark, Mysterious, Haunted Free Attribution, CC


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