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A/V Revolution Grime Beats & Instrumentals

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Check out our NEW A/V Revolution grime beats produced By Consensus. Free beats are available below!! If you would like to buy a lease to any of our beats then just click on the link provided on the right hand side and you will be guided to our payment page via PayPal.


A/V Revolution Grime Beats & Instrumentals Prod. By Consensus
PlayTitleStyle / GenreMood / InspirationPrice (Lease)Purchase
RememberCommercial / BangerDark / Hyper£25
Urban WarfareEpic / Underground / BangerHyper, RevolutionaryFree
Human RightsStrings, SynthHyper, Human Rights£24
Real with You / Reality CheckLatin, piano, danceMystery, smoothFree, Attribution, CC
DestinedGrime / DubstepDark / HyperFree, Attribution, CC
The Truth Will Out PianoRelaxed, Mellow, GentleFree Attribution, CC
SurpassedGrime, BassRelax, MellowFree Attribution, CC
Calculating Minds Slow, GrimeDark, MysteriousFree Attribution, CC