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I & Ideal, London rapper talks on revolution dedication, writing and state of hip hop in next 20 years.

‘Nowadays in the music industry, the music is very much watered down and repetitive, that’s why the undergrounds so important…’ London artist I & Ideal of Rebel Lions shares his views on the music industry.

Artist Name: I & Ideal Country: England
Artist Type:Rapper / Spoken Word City/State: Mother Earth
Genre: Hip-Hop Age: 20
Alias: —
I & Ideal has been doing music for about 5 years now, and is a very positive Hip-Hop artist who uses music as a tool to educate and motivate people.

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A/V Revolution’s selection: Isis Star + I & Ideal – Times Are Hard

We have bumped into I & Ideal blessing the microphone in various Hip-Hop events across London. Notable events include open mic nights hosted by Street Souls and one of our favourite underground lyricist venues, Elite Leagues (Hoxton). I & Ideal shows true compassion for the words behind his lyrics which is further  backed up by formidable rhyme schemes and flow patterns. This certainly makes him an artist to be respected among his peers.

Above we see his video “Times are Hard” accompanied by fellow Rebel Lions Of Creation’s member Isis Star.

I & Ideal’s thoughts :

What will underground artists be talking about in the next 20 years? Will we still call it an art?
“I’d say underground artists in 20 years will be a lot more conscious, so not so much talking about things that are not productive to themselves nor their listeners, things such as violence in their music, and will touch on more political, uplifting, educational topics. Music will always be an art, no matter what form it comes in, it’s just nowadays in the music industry, the music is very much watered down and repetitive, that’s why the undergrounds so important, for there is always something fresh, in which you can learn from aswell.”

When (if ever) do you think revolution is appropriate?
‘I’d say revolution is very much appropriate, But i’d say a revolution of self. In order to change the world, one must change yourself first. Once we have awoken to corrupted corporations and greedy organisations, and critical issues world wide, we have a responsibility to act on it. Whether that be making people aware, for them to wake up to it, to actually standing up, and legally taking down the so called ”Elite”.

2012 has definitely been a good year, in terms of organisation with movements doing their part to form solutions to the issues at hand, but it’s still not enough and we need to unite universally for full effect. The only problem seems to be peoples differences, which forms barriers to different organisations working towards change, but rather then finding common ground, ignorance takes over and causes division.’


Do you feel you there is any educational value to your music? Explain how or why not?

“I’d say very much so, that’s why I do music. When I first started writing lyrics, like any teenager, i adopted the mind state of the rappers / grime artists I was listening to, and was also living a more negative lifestyle, so was reflecting this in the lyrics I was writing. But since I’ve evolved, and learnt on my journey which lead me to become a lot more positive, I noticed music to be very influential so I self-educated myself, along with my group strength (The Rebel Lions Of Creation) and what I learnt and experienced I put in my music. I speak on subjects such as spirituality, healthy eating, political issues, self-sufficiency, love, wisdom and anything of truthful substance.

(I & Ideal Homegrown Session With Rise TV Titled – Secret Societies)”

How much time in a week do you dedicate to your music?

“I love music, so I travel to events and open mics anywhere with members of ‘The Rebel Lions Of Creation’ about 3/4 times a week. I write lyrics on my journeys to the shows, and always find time when at home to work towards music in someway whether that be promoting or working towards the next track so theres no stop.”

Notble Mentions:
“As I’ve already mentioned, my group ‘The Rebel Lions Of Creation’ – Isis Star, Amen RaStar, Lion I Rok, Ausar Natty Khu, Ras Sensez, And Kurah FarI, the main reason for my transformation. Also big shout outs to who The Rebel Lions are working in association with, Asheber & The Afrikan Revolution, Punch And Juicy Liquid Foods, The Original Cornerstone Of Creation, RU1-FAMILY, and everyone linked with the family doing positive movements, If you feel your on the same page, feel free to contact my team [email protected]

Projects I’m working on at the moment are my solo CD (Odd One Out) out in January featuring many talented artists, (Reflections) In collaboration With Isis Star, The Rebel Lions Of Creations Mixtape, (Black And White) In Collaboration With Amen RaStar and other collaboration projects in the pipe line to so stay posted.

Events – ‘Vibes And Pressure’ First Friday Of Every Month –

Passing Clouds
1 Richmond Rd. Dalston E8
corner Kingsland Rd.

Regular events and workshops at Punch And Juicy – Willesden Green, Check them out.


Feel free to contact The Rebel Lions Of Creation or subscribe via or [email protected] for updates on new music and when stuffs happening.

Check Some Of My Videos –
Secret Societys (Homegrown Session With Rise TV)
We Need
Religion Is Division (Official Video)  ”

Big respect to I & Ideal for taking part in the A/V Revolution ‘Your Voice’ Project. We hope to here from you again very soon.
Feel free to leave a comment and share with friends. Peace.

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