Big Chris taking his music to silver download status says “Go out there and get it done”.

Artist: Big chrisCountry: UK
Artist Type: rapper, singer, producer, songwriterCity/State: London

Big Chris's has been doing damage in the urban music world with his mixtape 'In One Hand' . It has now being certified SILVER (50,000 downloads) on leading USA website! This official Coast 2 Coast Mixtape Release is hosted by Lil Fats and is a superb selection of urban flavors with a modern electronic sound which features MC Bushkin from Heartless Crew, Paigey Cakey (Alwayz Recording), gold selling artist Keisha White, Tubby Boy and Asian new comer Samira.

Considering the already note-worthy array of project work from this young man, it was no surprise then that in late 2013 Big Chirs's track 'Baby Maker' ft Bushkin (seen below) shot straight up as one of AVR's top voted videos. The track in particular is now over 100,000 views strong and ever-growing! Needless to say we had to grab him for a quick interview before he transitions out into the world of super-stardom forever.

Well done Chris keep pushing and we hope to see more of the same from you in 2014!

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Big chris's Thoughts

What is your current favourite 'revolution' and how did/do you like to contribute?

"I see Logic and 'The peoples Army' are doing their thing in the UK atm! But i like my tracks to effect peoples lives by uplifting them I'm not really into overly political music"

Where would you like to see underground music played more? Why?

"I would like to see more Radio stations that have a real listenership playing underground music!"

What type of message/lesson would you particularly like to convey through your music videos, and why?

"I think my overall message from everything i do as an artist is 'go out there and get it done""

How long do you intend to stay active in the music industry?

"Until i find myself in a wooden box! I have a collab lined up with the last standing chi-lite he is 70+ still doing his thing! #SALUTE"

Notable Mentions:

"Shout out to everyone supporting me #PEACE"

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Big respect to Big chris for taking part in the A/V Revolution project. We hope to hear from you again very soon.
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