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Kimberley Newell speaks on her new EP, the affect of media, selfies, inspriring others, underground music and more…

Artist: Kimberley NewellCountry: United Kingdom
Artist Type: singer, poet, songwriterCity/State: London

This week AVR sends out a warm revolutionary welcome to super singer/poet Kimberley Newell. Really where do we start? Kimberley has great message, inspiring lyrics, bubbly stage presence, smashing beat selection and an astounding voice to match. All of that topped off with what seems like a wholesome and genuinely supportive fan base, she's certainly set to go far!
An integral part of our interest in this young lady has to be her huge selection of seriously bold quotables, my personal favourites being 'all the magazines and tv screens don't show a real reflection' and a sweet melodious ' dont fill you head with material things'. For good music's sake, we urge you to take a listen to some of Kimberley's work. Whats not to love?!
We recently caught up with her just after the release of her latest EP, "My Dreams EP".

What does it mean to you to put out a project like this? Do you think your fans will feel the same way?

"It means so much to me to have a solid copy of my music to hold. I’ve been performing around the UK for over two years now with people asking to buy my music and now I can give them something to singalong to in their car and with their friends, It’s a great feeling! "

Were there any specific themes you wanted to convey on this project? Why?

"The theme I’m most known for is celebrating feeling beautiful from the inside out. As an artist I want to promote that working hard, being a positive, kind and a passionate person is much better looking than lots of makeup and attitude. The reason why is because I am a big sister and see too many photos of young and beautiful girls pouting in selfies online, hiding behind drawn on eyebrows, false eyelashes and sometimes even false hair. As long as people are happy doing that then great, but I am singing to say there is much more to life than spending time and worry on these things, and getting a little muddy and involved is much more rewarding. "

What was the ultimate goal you had in mind when releasing the project? Do you think you met that goal?

"The goal for me and this EP was to share it with as many people as possible. Like I said I’ve been wanting a solid copy for a couple of years now and just wanted to get the ball rolling. I’m already so excited for the album I intend to make over the next 6 months and think the support and love I’ve received from my debut EP is exactly what I needed to get back into the studio, collaborate and create. "

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Kimberley Newell's Thoughts

What is the general mood of your music and how long do you think it will stay this way?

"The general mood of my music is celebratory, I want my music to make you feel good, be better and most of all be happy. I want it to calm you, make you feel sexy and soothe you.
There is some less jolly songs being created as I want my music to have highs and lows and explore all of my thoughts and feelings but I will always make sure it has optimism floating within. I think having optimism close by can make all situations be a little easier to deal with, so why not keep it close to my music. As an artist I want to inspire people to take care of them selves and other people. I don’t think this will ever change, the more people following my music the more I will feel responsible for telling them something to take away and think about.

Do you think revolution is always associated with politics? Where else might it appear?

"I think politics is woven into most things in one way or another. "

How much time do you feel you spend researching the subject matter in you your lyrics? Where does it come from?

"Every single moment of every day. My music is very much about my life , my experiences and my feelings. It journeys through many different scenarios and debates I have with my self, one being about how I feel the media affects me, my friends and my younger sisters. One of my tracks ‘ What do you need?’ talks about greed and how suffocating this western society can be. "

How much would you say underground music has been an inspiration to your life in the past? is it still the same now?

"As a teenager my favourite thing to do was rave, hood up , baggy trousers , very loud music , a warehouse or forest full of quirky crazy people letting down there hair from the week of normality. It was exciting knowing we were in a secret pocket of people who enjoyed underground music, hidden locations and most importantly avoiding the lager fights, the rip off drink prices and the dress code of high heels and short dresses. I would dance until it was light. The people who I met through underground music are now my best friends, they care about good music and have been the support I needed to grow into the artist I am now. Lots of poems were also inspired from these wild nights out. "

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Big respect to Kimberley Newell for taking part in the A/V Revolution project. We hope to hear from you again very soon.
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