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Copy This – Media downloads and piracy wars!

Part 1: History doesn’t repeat… If creativity is a field, copyright is the fence. –John Oswald   We’ve all done it at least once. From the earliest days of Napster to the evolution of torrents, almost everyone with access to a computer has at one time or another pirated some type of media, whether it… Read more »

Consensus – Low Life Casino (Deep Hip Hop Instrumental)

A/V Revolution Hip Hop / Rap Beats Consensus – Low Life Casino (Deep Piano Hip Hop Instrumental) [vibedeck artist=”consensus” album=”109791″ width=”480″ height=”380″] A/V Revolution Hip Hop / Rap Beats – Low Life Casino (Instrumental) Prod. By Consensus Beats Style / Genre Mood / Inspiration Price Purchase Hip Hop Beat Deep, Piano, life , stoy-telling, sorrow £39

Independent Vs Signed (Part 2) – Interview with KenKodie “The hardest thing I would say is self-promotion and getting your music out… “

Kenkodie - Feeling dope and thoughts on becoming signed to a record deal

To be or not to be: Independent Vs Signed (Part 2) – Interview with KenKodie I recently did an interview with KenKodie a London based rapper, singer and producer who has had a good buzz in the UK underground scene for the past year. He has featured on songs with some grime heavy weights and… Read more »