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UK underground music just reached boiling point! – Boiler Room Media

Things in the UK underground music scene are starting to heat up.  Boiler Room Media meets A/V Revolution with some seriously hot visuals!

Bolier Room Media - UK Underground Music, hip hop, accoustics, grime, singers

Company Name: BoilerRoomMedia Country: England
Content: Underground Music, Music Artists City/State: London
Focus: Hiphop, Grime, BeatBox, Accoustic, Trip Hop Start Date: 15/6/2009
Content: Underground Music, Music Artists
Founder: Isaac Whittingham and Syd Farrington CameraMan: Isaac
Caption: –
Team Size: 6
BoilerRoomMedia currently uses online social platforms to display local talent straight from the underground to who ever is listening

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A/V Revolution’s selection: Boiler Room Media’s Youtube playlist

We met Isaac from Boiler Room Media in mid-December outside the ‘London Lyricist Lounge’ (a hip-hop and rap open mic night based in Camden). The then young team was extremely eager to find the latest in talent that the UK underground music community had to offer on the day! They proceeded to record a collection of skilful lyricists from the night in succession, many of which can be seen in the playlist below.

Since then their fan base has grown tremendously! With a good eye for talent and thanks to consistent and high quality musical and visual content, Boiler Room Media certainly shows no signs of stopping! Great work Isaac and BRM, we hope the growth continues.

BoilerRoomMedia’s thoughts :

What is your goal?

“Our goal is to gain a bigger awareness of BoilerRoomMedia to enable the artists that we work with the biggest chance of becoming as recognised as they deserve”

Who is your content for?



Notable Mentions:
“Indigo Child, Ebsa, BeatFox, Wrekonize, Dill, Gambit Ace, Jungle Doctors”

Big respect to BoilerRoomMedia for taking part in the A/V Revolution Project. We hope to hear from you again very soon.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with friends. Peace.

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