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Hip-Hop has Evolved! Exclusive interview with ‘a.k.a’ producer and rap artist of the future.

Producer and hip hop artist ‘a.k.a’ “Hip-Hop Evolved” is already several mixtapes into his career… Welcome to A/V Revolution!

A.k.a meets A/V Revolution on avr-music 1

Artist Name: a.K.a. Country: U.K.
Artist Type: Producer/Rapper City/State: Anonymous
Genre: Hip-Hop, Electro, R&B, Alternative Age: 22
Alias: a.K.a.
Hip-Hop evolved.

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A/V Revolution’s selection:  a.k.a. – A Poem for the Fallen Sun

We took a look at a.ka.’s musical content and the following track really stood out as something we like to promote to the people. Some real talk and thoughts of reflection. A/V Revolution often sees these words echoed in many of the people we encounter and it great to find an artist who can share that with us all.

Consensus says: “I’m definitely looking to work with a.k.a when I get the chance. His production and lyricism is of extremely high calibre considering he’s almost completely unheard of! Watch out for this guy, a real twist to the scene!”

A.k.a thoughts :

Do you feel you have anything different to offer to the underground music industry? Why?

‘Yes, a unique life experience and a desire to influence unorthodox change.’

Why do you think revolutionary things are often censored?

‘Censorship can only be administered by those with power, and revolution requires a shift in power.’

A.k.a meets A/V Revolution on avr-music 2


Knowledge is power… So who should have this power?

‘Everyone in an ideal world.’

Where will you be in 5 years time? What will be your main focus?

‘Progressing, and to to learn more.’






Big Respect to a.k.a for taking part in the A/V Revolution Project. We hope to hear from you again very soon.

Feel free to leave a comment and share with friends. Peace.

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