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Big Dawg Oatie – P.A.I.D

Big Dawg Oatie - P.A.I.D,  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Big Dawg Oatie entitled P.A.I.D.

"From trapping, getting robbed and shot at, going to jail, and college these series of events have defined Big Dawg Oatie’s style.

Recording in local low-budget studios around the metro Atlanta and filling up shoeboxes with raps that depict his life story took a great majority of his time.

Eventually, he knew he had to capture the attention of a larger crowd, that’s when he linked up with Big Face Paper Gang and started to take his lyrical abilities to the next level.

Recently, he just dropped a whole new album called P.A.I.D. that you can listen to here, also be sure to follow up on socials and stay tuned for more

TW: @oatiedawg
FB: bigdawgoatie
IG: @bigdawgoatie
TikTok: @bigdawgoatie

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