Demon Slayer – PAIN

Demon Slayer - PAIN,  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Demon Slayer entitled PAIN.

"From changing his name from Sinister J, now to Demon Slayer, Julian chooses to walk in the LIGHT parting ways with darkness. PAIN is the first album that depicts this transition. This album is the start of a specific dream journey through a fragment of broken nightmares hoping to escape and reach the Truth within his mind. Fighting to take another breath. In certain areas of this album you will hear pieces of the promise which will be fulfilled. These pieces will help guide you to abstain from sin and to fight thru demons. This his pain but also your pain. The MOST HIGH GOD & CHRIST saved me from these nightmares that formed from the darkness of this reality. We all were spawned in the nightmare for a reason. The Question is...Will You Fight The Evil? And Will You Outlast To The Very End?

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