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Eugenio Oliveras – Designer Drugs

Eugenio Oliveras - Designer Drugs,  EP Cover Art
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EP release by Eugenio Oliveras entitled Designer Drugs.

"Eugenio Oliveras re-releases his ‘Designer Drugs’, remastered and distilled down for a dramatic new EP. Opening with the track ‘Different’ Eugenio Oliveras sets himself apart from his peers, flowing over an ambient spacious beat detailing drug use and inner demons with a distorted hook and futuristic synths. Polished production covering a vast array of styles ‘Designer Drugs’ has something for every listener. ‘Opposition’ picks the pace up and boast Eugenio’s braggadocios side cutting off the opposition on a nonstop synth-line and hard hitting drums. ‘Girl from East Liberty’ stretches the outstanding production to it’s furthest limits on the EP, a beautifully haunting instrumental, hypnotic and spacious coupled with stuttering off kilter drums, vocals delivered in a subtle inebriated stupor with occasional auto-tune for accents.

The re-release of ‘Designer Drugs’ is bound to create a long term audience out of first time listeners just dabbling in recreational listening. - Dan Stuckie

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