Gianluca John Attansio – Beyond2Doors

Gianluca John Attansio - Beyond2Doors,  Album Cover Art
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Album release by Gianluca John Attansio entitled Beyond2Doors.

"Beyond2Doors is the name of Gianluca John Attanasio's latest album. Attanasio is an Italian musician, singer/songwriter and producer but adopted as an English. The album consists of 13 tracks stretching from blues to lively and vintage psychedelic rock. @gianlucajohnattanasio

Release date: July 12th 2020
Written, arranged, produced by Gianluca John Attanasio
Track numbers: 13
Track list:
1)King money.
2) In the club.
3) Living in my blues.
4) Baby up Baby Down.
5) I lost my angenl
6) Black forest.
7) Silent roads.
8) Sacred flight.
9) God save every soldier.
10) In the morning.
11) Miss Dog (she knows he Wanna be her dog)
12)Life will continue.
13)Time is over"

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