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EP release by QTDABUTCHA entitled NO DOORS.

"QTdabutcha has been working tirelessly to develop a very special formula, and needless to say, the artist succeeded in creating something that feels spontaneous, creative, and utterly unique. His music is a strong combination of classic and modern hip-hop, and many other styles and influences, going for a really mercurial flair. A great example? Let the sound of his brand new studio release speak for itself. The project is titled No Doors, and it is a double EP that holds really high quality standard in terms of production and execution alike. The double EP consists of a first EP titled “No Excuses” and a second titled “Premium Cuts.”
People who enjoy well-produced rap music with attitude are certainly going to enjoy the spontaneity and feel of this release. Ultimately, this new double EP is a perfect introduction with to QTdabutcha as an artist, and a great indication of his willingness to keep inspiring the audience, regardless of their background. QTdabutcha is an example of what it is like to make music that’s not about fitting the usual tired labels, but it’s about truly speaking to the crowd. Find out more about QTdabutcha and do not miss out on this release, as well as other fascinating releases from this talented rap artist.

IG: @qtdabutcha
TW: @DavidQtdabutcha
Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/68dxTANlN2QOZmRJrcWaWZ


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