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The Changing Voice of Music 5 (1)

Hate it or love it, an accent whilst performing is something we hear from many artists these days wishing to stand out. Whether it is a British singer singing in a strong American accent or a Japanese reggae star speaking the most fluent patois, the accent of the artist is one of the first things we notice.

The topic of discussion is of course the adoption and use of different accents in music. In recent times it has been a bone of contention with listeners and artists alike; however it has been a trend that has dominated the mainstream music scene since the 1950’s. Many critics to this trend have described it as a form of cultural appropriation. Another criticism has been that many of the artists that use it are seen as, ‘frauds’ for adopting an accent that is not the same as their natural speaking voice. On the flipside it Read More »The Changing Voice of Music 5 (1)