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Abandon The Raft – EAST

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Directly above is Abandon The Raft's fresh new revolutionary music video EAST. Here's what Abandon The Raft had to say when asked:

Who was responsible for the visuals and how well did they bring your track ideas to life?

"JBPixel of Flicker Pictures was the man behind the complex dynamic visuals used in the EAST music video. And we love him for it. When we spoke about the video we were adamant that he put his spin on the music. Not only did this enable our music to come to life, but through this process he added new dimensions that deepened the ideas in the track. I think you have to be wary of being too "on the nose" when creating a video and by allowing the director follow his own interpretation of our music, he made EAST into something we only dreamed it could be: a 9-dimensional 7-headed beast that screams fire. "

More Details The band Abandon The Raft is based in San Diego. The director JBPixel is based in Boston. Our video EAST was created without ever having met each other in person. Truly a bi-coastal creative collaboration.

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