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Andrew Hetherington – The Greatest Joy

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Have a look at Andrew Hetherington's fresh new electronic music visual The Greatest Joy. Here's what Andrew Hetherington had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"The inspiration for the video came from the title of the song (The Greatest Joy) and the sound of the happy children in the track. I wanted to really capture in both the music and video the joy and happiness that comes from parenting."

More Details Andrew Hetherington is an Australian musician, songwriter and music producer who has written the music and lyrics to over 20 songs. Andrew creates instrumental pop songs with a down-tempo and chill-out flavor featuring smooth synths, mellow guitars and beautiful female vocals. His style is heavily influenced by the style of music he grew up with during the 70s and 80s and is characterized by a strong melody, tight harmony and time-honored rhythms that will appeal to anyone with an ear for a classic pop song. The Greatest Joy is his latest single release, an uplifting instrumental featuring piano, smooth synths and beautiful interwoven guitar melodies.

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