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Anna Dadnia – That Feelin’ / Pour Me Some More

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Check out Anna Dadnia's most recent Rnb visual That Feelin' / Pour Me Some More. Here's what Anna Dadnia had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"I wanted to shoot a video for my song "That Feelin'" in first place because this song was inspire by my best friend and it's my personal favorite. As this song is about trust issues I felt like we had to tell the story of someone who has to deal with this and how it affects him or her. That's why we chose the first scene in which you can see a couple from hanging out with each other to ending up in a fight. I also wanted to introduce a another one of my songs and to have transition to the next song the girl in the video who suspects her boyfriend of cheating on her leaves to meet her girls to get out of the situation. The second song is a song that is about partying and having a good time. This song was inspired by a time of my life in Berlin during which I enjoyed Berlin's nightlife to the fullest and it's basically about enjoying oneself even without a party, club or whatsoever just with the right people around. For that reason, we decided to shoot the second half of the video showing this girl and her girlfriends meeting up without specifically going anywhere but still having a great time. The inspiration for the video came from the content of both songs."

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