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Anya Shesternina – Rather Be Alone

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Have a look at Anya Shesternina's brand new world music video Rather Be Alone. Here's what Anya Shesternina had to say when asked:

How do you want people to feel at the end of watching this? Why?

"I'm the writer of the songs lyrics and lyric melody. The video wasn't my creative vision.. However, as the songs writer, at the end, I would hope one would notice the accurate descriptive, melodic, and poetic expression of a moment all humans can relate to,... the "epiphany" that "you" rather be alone. The duration of how long this feeling holds is not relevant, that's relative to the individual. Furthermore, regardless the circumstances leading one to this revelation, it's a feeling that will spark in the souls of humanity now and till the end of time. "

More Details Anya Shesternina is a Russian Singer, she lives in Russia.

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