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Ben Friedman – One Hundred Hit Wonder

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Directly above is Ben Friedman's most recent hip hop video One Hundred Hit Wonder. Here's what Ben Friedman had to say when asked:

How do you want people to feel at the end of watching this? Why?

"I just want to give off positive energy and after people watch this I want them to feel confident and excited to produce things that make their name proud."

More Details For a period of time, however brief the period may have been, Vanilla Ice was the coldest dude there was. And, if you turned up any random speakers in the first year and a half of the millenium, the Baha Men might have forced you into joining the hunt for the man responsible for letting the dogs out! One Hit Wonders captivate pop culture attention because of their fleeting nature and unmeasurable characteristics. Like the brightest flare, they burn like crazy and fade away, but forever hold their place in a certain period of time. How fun would it be to have a hit like a One Hit Wonder and then do it over and over again!? I want to be a One Hit Wonder but without the inevitable downfall. I want to be a One Hit Wonder a HUNDRED TIMES OVER!

I discovered this beat while watching old Entourage episodes in Islamorada while I was still in high school! I sat on it for almost 4 years keeping it as an ace in the hole for a song that I knew I wanted to go all in on. I didn’t touch it until I thought I was ready to do it justice, continually casting it aside for simpler beats that I wouldn’t be ashamed to taint with a subpar product. However, when I came back to Lawrence from FGCU and decided that I wasn’t saving any more ammo, this was the first thing on my mind. The song was originally called Flawless because I wanted every inch of it to be precise and crisp. The beat is so PERFECT and almost infectious. I recorded this song the first week at Lawrence during my Junior year, mere days removed from my tropical exile in Ft. Myers. The first verse is almost all from the first take, pure energy from someone who didn’t know if they would ever make music again, being released onto a beat he’d been saving for years. I wanted the first verse to set the record straight on everything. This song is like a mission statement for everyone to hear. A declaration. I’M the one with the dream I’M the one with the plans for covers of magazines!

If you want to stand out you have to demand attention! People want to look at things that will stimulate their eyes and entertain them! So for every boring and simple video that clogs the depths of Youtube, there is one that stands away from the doldrums. This is that video. The beat jumps and skips and synths its way into your body and then demands it move! The video jumps and flickers and shakes with the vigor of an over excited Paparazzi catching the current One Hit Wonder in the mall with his shirt off. There are even appearances from Oprah, Nelly, and intimate vacation photos with Kanye West! And if Kanye riding a dolphin isn’t enough, you can check me out wearing some cool ass leggings with no shirt in the mall or spray painting IT’S FRIEDY BABY in 3 foot tall writing on Paint Louis Wall.

The concept of Unreal Everything is deciding how you want your life to be, figuring out the path, and then simply DOing. This video marks the beginning of action for my current project - The Takeover Term. This IS the beginning of the takeover and we won’t be denied. Obscurity is the enemy and attention is the holy grail. Videos, blog posts, shows, and genuine connections with people who value positive energy and living day and night in the most Unreal fashion is the avenue to achieving. I believe with all of my heart that if you spread purely positive energy, provide a professional product, are confident, treat all people you come in contact with honest respect, and aren’t afraid to be extra creative in the name of your product, your success is undeniable.

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