Bennie Smith (Benjamin) – “Classical Passion”


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Check out Bennie Smith (Benjamin)'s fresh new classical music video "Classical Passion". This is what he had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

""Classical Passion" is a beautiful Classical Spanish Instrumental!!! I put my whole heart and soul into this song. When I received my "Esteban Duende' Classical Guitar" the first moments were amazement! Then I started touching the strings and playing this beautiful guitar. I was so excited and happy with the sound of this guitar it struck like lightning through my soul. I went to bed that night and in the morning I woke and "Classical Passion" was playing in my mind and my soul. I played my new "Esteban Classical guitar" the minute I woke up, and "Classical Passion" was born!! I plugged into my digital studio and recorded it......what you hear now is exactly what I laid down then. Please enjoy this passionate classical instrumental. Esteban's guitar sounded so beautiful and I was totally taken by the sound of this magical guitar. I want to thank Esteban for creating this beautiful guitar and how it inspired me to compose "Classical Passion". I wish Esteban could hear this beautiful original instrumental "Classical Passion" that came from the sound of this classical "Esteban"guitar.Thank you Esteban!!!!!!
I just love "Esteban"" he's great!!
I hope My song "Classical Passion" touches every bodies heart that hears this. It is a very emotional song to me. Like I said, it came right out my heart and soul.

New news,,Esteban has heard my song!! And he is sharing it on his fan club site..check this out...this has brought tears of joy to my eyes..!! "Esteban" is a good man!! Thank you "Esteban" for sharing my song "Classical Passion" on your Fan Club page!! This is such a great honor!! Here's the link: "

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