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Take a look at boywithahalo's most recent alternative music video help. Here's what boywithahalo had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"First I would like to say, this is my first ever music video of my first ever release! I originally made this song in early 2021 during my stay in China. I was stuck there for a year due to the pandemic lockdowns that happened just after I entered the country in late January of 2020. I was born and raised in China, so during that period I spent a lot of time inside my childhood home, and eventually went on a re-trace journey of my life and came to some new conclusions of who I am and where I want to be.

Everything that I have built up to this point was manifested within that time period, and in this video there is even footage from the day I recorded this song and just kind of started filming my reflection on the balcony glass pane. It was a raw and in-the-moment moment! That was the initial spark that set the emotional tone of every other bit of footage that came way later when I actually returned to the US. I decided to go for a personal kind of approach, like as if you were glimpsing into someone's diary, then I added stylized captions for the lyrics to make it look theatric. The magic of juxtaposition! All of it was shot with the same iPhone XR by the way, of which I went through so much trouble reformatting due to this "variable frame rate" thing that apparently plagues phone recordings specifically. Knowing that I have way more phone footage to be used for future music videos, I seriously cannot wait to deal with that all over again! That was sarcasm, but I really do love how everything turned out, and I much appreciate how resourceful a phone could be, let alone how personal it makes the resulting music video. I recommend trying it out especially if personal is your musical vibe!"

More Details
Boywithahalo is an independent Asian-American musician, fashion designer, artist, and content creator with works expanding across multiple genres and scenes. He uses a DIY approach to music, creating everything from the songwriting to the production and final mastering. Boywithahalo is also a streamer on Twitch and occasionally creates gaming and variety content on YouTube.

The "boywithahalo" brand pushes an emotive, expressive sound filled with youthful gen-Z and millennial themes, an approach compared to contemporaries girl in red and beabadoobee, while convicting attitude akin to the indie rock of Metric with the spirit of classic shoegaze acts like Slowdive.

His debut single "help" was released in February 2021, signaling a new musical direction as a solo independent artist.

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