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C.O.T.I. (feat. Capitan) – Ours For The Taking

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Have a look at C.O.T.I. 's classic hip hop music video Ours For The Taking (feat. Capitan). You can find further details of C.O.T.I. 's music and video below:

world Wide connects feels that art is at its best when encouraging positive change. This piece was able to reflect those values with the following:

"The song's lyrics are clearly the most uplifting aspect of this video. The song's chorus says that "this life is ours for the taking", meaning that you must seize the day. It is empowering the artists and listeners by making them aware of their potential and importance in the scheme of the universe.
Additionally, the poetic and profound nature of the verses the artists rap encourage the listener to delve deep to interpret their meaning through the use of metaphor and allegory. This means that they expect their audience to be intelligent, thereby promoting Hip Hop's 5th element: Knowledge."

More Details Video by Rogé (BBprod), instrumental by SEZ, rap by Imagine & Capitan.

Official C.O.T.I. website:

C.O.T.I. is part of world Wide connects & the Partisans du Hip Hop collective.
Also in C.O.T.I. : Dj Tiny Tim, Dr Koul & Evita Koné

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