CJ Westley – Rest In Peace


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Have a quick look at CJ Westley's latest hip hop music visual Rest In Peace. This is what he had to say when we asked:

How do you want people to feel at the end of watching this? Why?

"I want people to realize what I'm about and how I represent Hip-Hop. At the end of the day, I'm all about positivity and my craft. I don't do drama, beef or any of that, but just like any other dedicated emcee & rapper, I still have a competitive spirit about me that intends to put rappers who definitely shouldn't rap, to rest. I dislike the music that makes Hip-Hop look shallow and ignorant. I dislike people who like to cause drama and act childish. I want people to walk away from this video feeling the same way that I do about things. Throwing up the peace sign, ignoring drama, nonsense, negativity and even wack rappers."

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