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Cloudship – Sail to Heaven

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Directly above is Cloudship's brand new accoustic visual piece Sail to Heaven. This is what Cloudship had to say when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"The directer, Chris Samaro, saw us perform live and was inspired so approached us with his vision and the rest is history....."

More Details Cloudship, born in August 2013, is a 2 man rock band with a signature sound and quirky instrumentation. Their debut EP, Sail To Heaven, was released on March 15, 1014 and is an experimental mix of rock, blues, psychedelic and soul. The band is currently writing new music for a second release and playing shows across California.
Cloudship is:
Brandon Freeman- vox, synth, percussion, guitar
Jonathan Napoles- guitar, bass, vox

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