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Consensus – Dark Matter ft. Dana McKeon

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Check out Consensus's fresh new hip hop video Dark Matter ft. Dana McKeon. Here's what Consensus had to say when asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"Comparing the investigation of the universe to self exploration & mental health. #DarkMatter #ConCERNed 'Particle physics album'
With the universe as single human being, the track sees visible matter as the body, dark matter as the mind and alludes to dark energy as the soul.

What is Dark Matter?


More Details Special Thanks To: Andy Charalambous, KTW Photography, UCL Physics Department, Malachi Summers, Ashwin Chopra, Susana Molina Sedgwick, David yallup, Nicolas Angelides, Bhavin Patel, Art@CMS

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