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Convulsic – Love Space

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Take a quick peak at Convulsic's fresh new electronic music visual Love Space. This is what Convulsic had to say when we asked:

Who was responsible for the visuals and how well did they bring your track ideas to life?

"Honestly, this was the most amazing part about recording the video. The guys at One Push Productions did an awesome job of taking my musical ideas and painting a visual representation of what they believed I was trying to say. Spot on. It is amazing when people utilize such different talents but find that sense of cohesiveness. Thats what art is all about."

More Details
Every genre can create shifts in emotion and mood, but there are some EPs that can produce an influx of sounds that completely take you over - this is precisely what happens when you “Love Space.” Love Space is the second release from San Diego native, Convulsic. The title track from the EP quickly rose on the charts, gleaning number eight on the Next Big Sound Chart via The attention from the EP also rapidly catapulted Convulsic to number one on the global dubstep charts on

Convulsic continues to be a trendsetter in the worlds of electronica and dubstep. He pulls influence from mainstream artists such as Flux Pavilion and Skrillex - all while maintaining his own unique, passionate artistry. The title track "Love Space," is a hard-hitting, synth-splitting dubstep track that takes charge of your speakers and intensifies your senses. With light soundscapes and gentle melodies, the song quickly brings in rougher elements; including impactful drums and gnarly synths. Before you know it, you're trapped into the song's growling bass lines and snarling synths.

The other two key tracks on Love Space include “Strangers” and “The Day You Left.” “Strangers” displays a subtle trance theme with video-gamer samples. “They Day You Left” has an almost “Enya-esque” intro that explodes into a syncopated synergistic arrangement that could wake the dead. Convulsic does a remarkable job in exploding his bass-filled tracks while later imploding his song for a smoother audio experience. His new EP Love Space is defining his sound that is leading him to success within the electronic community. If bass music enthralls you and can't get enough of dubstep, find out what happens when you Love Space.

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