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Cynthia Brando – Across the Water

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Directly above is Cynthia Brando's most recent accoustic music video Across the Water. Here's how Cynthia Brando responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"I first read the story of Judah Schiller and his bicycle that goes across the water, in the Huffington Post. He is an amazing person, full of ideas and drive; his energy really effected me in a positive way; and as a read more about him and his project, I got hooked on the story as a great metaphor for life. After construction was finished on the new Bay Bridge from Oakland to San Francisco, a bike path where people commuted across, now stopped at the waters edge. Judah made it his goal to find a way to continue to bike ALL the way across, which meant crossing the water. His project has grown to Schiller Bikes, now making biking on water, a possible mainstream activity. I also love the Bay Area, and wanted to shoot a video on location; the surroundings there, always inspired me; it is such a beautiful city....."

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