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Dar Stellabotta – Old With You

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Directly above is Dar Stellabotta's most recent folk music video Old With You. This is what Dar Stellabotta had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"The inspiration from this video came from me falling in love with my girl friend, finally coming out of the closet and not caring what people think about me anymore."

More Details I am a independent female artist from Southern Maryland. I play original songs on acoustic guitar and banjo. I am planning a tour in 2015, especially trying to play Mich Fest. Also in 2015 I plan on releasing a 7 inch split vinyl record with my friend Ren Rick. You can see a video of Ren Rick playing live on my you tube channel. So please sign up for my mailing list at my website and follow me on my social media sites to stay updated with the latest news. My Black Owl Banjo Demo is available for free download on my website.

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