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Check out DVo's most recent hip hop music video Soulo. This is how DVo responded when AVR asked:

Was there a particular message you were trying to convey in this video? Why?

"First and foremost, the song "Soulo" is more so about the feelings and emotions of feeling like you're all alone and on your own. The feeling that despite what you do or strive to do, there is still no support, no assistance, and nobody listening. The feeling of being the only person who believes in what you believe in, and attempting to pursue it. The feeling that everyone has to compromise their integrity, etc. for success, but you're not willing to sacrifice said integrity and such.

Aside from this main theme, the video also focuses on the idea/notion of "You Are Your Worst Enemy." Despite being the last person alive on the planet in the video's post-apocalyptic future-esque setting, I am STILL somehow found/hunted down by an entity that is trying to destroy me. In the end, you discover that the darkness/dark entity lurking about and hunting me down is actually MYSELF. Thus sparks the notion that "even if you were the last person alive, you can still fall victim to yourself.." or "No matter where you go.. You can't run away from yourself.." Hopefully, the ideas and notions bring the viewer to the more broader, general moral, which is "You are your worst enemy.. and your own doubts/self-doubt/actions/etc. can cause/create/be the darkness which follows, shrouds and plagues you.. until it ultimately causes your unfortunate, untimely demise..""

More Details Song Produced by Yoto [formerly AAGEE] Video Directed by Ajakari Porter-Robinson for AnonymityFilms.com

"Dayze Off" Coming Soon!!

"DVo is an aspiring independent Hip-Hop/Soul artist from Oakland, CA who is driven to bring "Soul" and "feeling" back to music and the arts. He is an artist that strongly believes in freedom of expression and the beauty that lies beneath and behind its words. In a time, and more specifically genre, where music and art feels mass-produced, carbon-copied, and even at times thoughtless, DVo is unafraid to challenge that formula and display the range of emotions and feelings that music can convey and cause, regardless of the confines of formulas and genres in which people can categorize and "box" it in. With such an eclectic musical taste and influence, DVo is sure to bend genres with his music and make listeners "feel" some type of way."

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