El Piscis – Tu amiguita dice


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This is El Piscis's brand new world music video Tu amiguita dice. This is how El Piscis responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"El Piscis With the current state of the world, there has never been a better time to focus on your growth. That is exactly what Jose Lorenzo is doing with all the extra time on his hands. The Williamsburg, Virginia based singer-songwriter has been heavily involved with reggaeton and Hispanic music from an early age and began his career with Timbason la Original. As a vocalist, he carried a confidence and energy that was infectious to lis-teners across the globe as he easily switched from timba-influenced hip-hop and salsa to R&B and Brazilian fusion. Traveling across the DMV, the group gained traction among critics and garnered a loyal fan base, but when 2020 hit Jose realized he wanted to pursue a solo route. Rebranding himself under the moniker El Piscis, he continued his route in a new lane.

El Piscis displays all the hallmark characteristics that his zodiac is known for: adaptive, artistic, and imaginative. Adapting to his new role as a solo artist has bumps for sure, but now immersing himself into the genre of reggaeton has given him new-found freedom and passion for music. Drawing off of artists like Nicky Jam and Marc Anthony, El Piscis has kept his signature flair that bleeds through the headphones and speakers he is played on so you can feel the emotional weight of every lyric. All of his strengths are showcased on his debut album, “Te Voy a Echar Pila,” and his artistry is unparalleled among up-and-coming artists this day in age. The road ahead is un-charted for El Piscis, but he sure seems to be on the right path!"

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