ELIAT – Envelope


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Take a quick peak at ELIAT's most recent hip hop music video Envelope. Here's how ELIAT responded when we asked:

How much preparation went into making this video and why?

"This video was shot extremely last minute. I don't have much of a budget right now, since i lost my job in February due to the virus, so i asked my best friend Raymond if we could put something together real quick. A quick backstory: Ray and I are "business partners" he is a videographer and I am a photographer. At the time his house was vacant so it was the perfect time to utilize it during quarantine. Fortunately his house and his street were places relevant to the songs context because this song reflects on my past mistakes in a previous relationship and his house was often the hangout spot growing up. We utilized a street called Evans lane where someone i reference in the song and had a rough argument, and it is something only close friends and I know about. I wanted it to be a shock to them and only them, an if you know, you know type shock! With my ideas and backstory and Raymonds ability to craft together a story we got things done in a day, using only what we had, which is not much! For a last minute plan I think it came out great and Raymond did an amazing job shooting it."

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