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Directly above is ELLINE's most recent Rnb video Smoke + Mirrors. This is what ELLINE had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"My single talks about "looking past the smoke and mirrors and finding the beauty within" (CratesofJR), and cautions listeners not to lose their individuality amidst the pressing temptation to blend in. My inspiration for this video was a typical model's reel/commercial. I think that the theme of the single is tied to the fashion world in many ways, because models are often canvases stripped of identity, where the designer usually imprints his vision and style. Therefore the video is a simple yet dark and disturbing model’s reel. The video was shot in LA and directed under the talent of fashion photographer Yves Huy Truong. If by the end of the video, you haven’t gotten the dark, cautionary message of the song, consider yourself tricked by the “Smoke & Mirrors”."


Through the effortless sounds of her distinct vocals, LA-based singer and songwriter Elline is carving a musical style of her own. A graduate of Berklee College of Music, her lyrical themes create genuine, multifaceted songs, challenging listeners’ perspectives and encouraging them to a reflective journey. Influenced by R&B, electronic and pop, Elline’s music is refreshing and empowering. Her new single, "Smoke and Mirrors" is a smart catchy record and the first release from her upcoming "Stained Glass" EP available October 7th on Itunes and Spotify.

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