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Fox Nigon – My Love Is True

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Have a look at Fox Nigon's brand new rock music video My Love Is True. This is what Fox Nigon had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"It's very annoying to see how much today, the relationship between man / woman has evolved. I wanted to put into perspective the fact that in a couple, everything is not always fun, even when we loves, and that the love of a woman expresses itself differently from the love of a man..."

More Details "My Love Is True" is the last single from Fox Nigon, before the release of his third album, "Adsum", expected at the end of march. The title stands out with its aggressive bass line reinforced by a powerful rhythm section, leaving the guitars to wage war against a wonderful wurlitzer. MaryKat offers an ironic reply to Fox, which offers us a very typical 70s power-rock, while appealing to a surprising modernity. Once again, his talent as a leading singer-songwriter is confirmed, and his collaboration with producer Matt Butler (Paul Mc Cartney, Madness, Kool And The Gang, Tears For Fears...) only makes the propel to the front of the stage.

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