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Fruit n Beef – Jar

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This is Fruit n Beef's brand new rock music visual Jar. Here's what Fruit n Beef had to say when asked:

Who was responsible for the visuals and how well did they bring your track ideas to life?

"Heni, our vocalist was responsible for making this video. We wanted to make something that doesn`t look too recent but more timeless. We had this cool car, Heni got the white dress at a thrift shop and we live in Santa Barbara, CA which is full of cool locations. The old house was perfect! Dusty and rusty just like our past. Our life is like that ride up and down the mountain. It`s too short to not make the best out of it and fill up the jar which represents something like a bucket list."

More Details Fruit n Beef from Santa Barbara, CA is a four piece rock band in which the fruit represents the juicy, soulful, rockin' female vocals and the "beef" part, the heavy riffs and sound of guitars and blood pumping drums. This rock band will take you on a journey with their songs ranging from mainly the 70`s to present rock influences and catchy melodies and simple messages about life and different situations in it. They always make you wonder what are they going to come up with next. Since fall 2012 when the band started to write as Fruit n Beef, the band has been focusing on playing LIVE shows but still managed to record 4 tracks at Playback Studio in Santa Barbara. The band releases the debut singel "In my head" followed by "Hollow" in the spring of 2013.

Fruit n Beef gets its foot into the first internet radio shows and blogs. Live gigs locally and also in LA area start to happen where the band starts to build a following. Finally the band self-releases their debut EP "Into the light" in september 2013 and closes the year with their female vocalist Henrieta Stepanovsky being featured as one of the best female vocalists in 2013 of Rockwell Unscene music magazine.

The trio Henrieta Stepanovsky, Mario Stepanovsky and Robert Kminiak has been together for over a decade, created and recorded different musical projects and have been growing together as a band. After 5 years of performing and recording in their home country Slovakia they hungered for a better life and relocated to the United Kingdom and two years later to the state of Texas where they re-established the band and started to work on new music which brought them a winning spot at the local battle of bands on South Padre Island, TX. 4 Years later, the band moves to California and continues to play LIVE and evolves into what`s now known as "Fruit n Beef" with drummer Zac Godlove who played with them for a year. For the trio, this has been a long journey, a lifestyle, full of challenges and stories.

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