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Giovanni Latin Artist – Down Low

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Have a look at Giovanni Latin Artist's most recent mainstream music visual Down Low. This is what Giovanni Latin Artist had to say when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"I am a singer/songwriter so as a writer I take myself into another world of the story I'm trying to portray. I thought of a man and a woman being in a club and as soon as they locked eyes on each other but since the girl came in with someone else they can't make their attraction noticeable. They are discreet and find ways to get near enough to know what their intentions are and do whatever possible to hook up but keep things on the Down Low"

More Details Song was written by me John Amato aka Giovanni Latin Artist and produced by Grammy Award winning producer Michael Mani. The music video was produced and directed by Damian Berg and Salt Cebe of Cebe Media,

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