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IceTre – Whoa

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Take a look at IceTre's most recent hip hop music video Whoa. Here's how IceTre responded when AVR asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"I’ve seen so many videos shot before that looked intense and powerful, like an actual movie. Me and the camera crew knew the angles that would work right for the visuals and took off with it."

More Details The video takes place in various locations of a college campus In Idaho. From the second the song starts you can see the grungy and dark setting surrounded by scenes of blue and white, doubled in with visual effects that have received well recognition. When the most crucial scene drops, IceTre comes in strong with “Don’t come to my house, you aren’t invited no, hear their reaction it be like whoa” as he tells a quick story about past and future responses towards personal choices and accompanying a side view of a lifestyle that prompts the frequency of the word. It’s not far to say that IceTre draws influence from the likes of Lil Wayne with his unique and electric sound.

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