Jimmy Heights – Skinny Dippin With Naked B*tches


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Check out Jimmy Heights's latest hip hop music video Skinny Dippin With Naked B*tches. Here's what Jimmy Heights had to say when asked:

Was there a particular message you were trying to convey in this video? Why?

"I wrote this song after a severe heartbreak that I experienced last year. Everything I said were subliminal shots to the girl who was responsible. I actually recorded this song late last year but I wasn't feeling it as much and decided to re-rerecord it with a new beat and hook. "

More Details As the line between hip-hop and pop music continues to thin, Brooklyn has seen a surge of new artists such as Joey Bada$$, The Underachievers and many others who showcase their skills as real spitters and lyricists. Enter Jimmy Heights, a talented, teenage college MC from Crown Heights, Brooklyn with serious mic skills, melodic catchy hooks and the determination of no other.

Starting from age seven Heights began gaining his respect and credibility from battling to rap ciphas and flooding his area with mixtapes. Whether standing on top of a lunch table at school to a sporadic war of words on the streets, he was able to refine his craft of work. Jimmy's buzz began late last year after his song "Blues" which was featured on his first YouTube account. To follow up the success of "Blues", he later released "France" which he spit over a J-Dilla beat and became his biggest record for that time being. The resulting positive feedback gave Jimmy Heights a rapidly gained buzz and the love for music. His first mixtape, "Don Quixote" featured many headbangers with sweet rhymes and beats. After the name change from "Hazard" to "Jimmy Heights", Heights is now anticipating another mixtape called "Black AmeriKKKa" which will feature plenty of music for his loyal and aspiring fans. Rising above the limitations set in front of him by his environment the highly anticipated Jimmy Heights, is truly the future.

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