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Joel George – High Melancholy

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Check out Joel George's most recent hip hop video High Melancholy . Here's what Joel George had to say when asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

"Kendrick Lamar, especially for the song."

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The lyrics to the song:
So Incredible, Taking girls to a carnival, saying cheese to the camera, never knew am a cannibal, cannabis on mechanical, highest boy on botanical, illest boy on a medical, you and me, diametrical, Silver lining symmetrical, baptized, catechetical, why you being so skeptical?, these rappers ungrammatical, she's just being dramatical, ethically piratical, in church ecclesiastical, counting blessings calendrical,

So I jump back, tell that hoe to bump back, ain't got time for that nigga, I just wanna bombard, play that Donald trumpet, where the f's my lombard?, new idealist niggas like where the f's my vanguard?, 100,000 dollars, I just wanna count that, Stack it to the top nigga, I just wanna mount that, You and me are a couple, none of them can bound that, Ain't here for the applause nigga, hope you all astounded, My style is that uni-que, you niggas is uni-versal your verses are so damn puny, My verses are punny, they also be looney, what's up duck???, the relationship be gloomy, If you do me, I do you, If you do you, I do me, Ain't the world big for the both of us, ain't it roomy??, Sticking to the script, this is a high beginning to the movie

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