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Joy & Sapna – Clarity (Cover)

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Check out Joy & Sapna's latest accoustic visual instalment Clarity. Here's how they responded when asked:

How do you want people to feel at the end of watching this? Why?

"With music in blood,I've always been fascinated to compose and produce new music. However,hailing from India,I was more into hindi music until I got exposed to one of the best DJs - Zedd. Not very fond of EDM culture,this artist who's work is more melodious than anyone made me become a huge fan of him and I just couldn't stop listening to clarity. I knew a really good vocalist and a videographer and we all teamed up together to bring something new. I haven't made much videos so far and this is the best I've done lately. To hard work,dedication and for the love of music, I would like if people love my music cover."

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