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Kendle – Greter (shot by @_addygoat_)

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Have a look at Kendle's most recent underground music video Greter. This is how Kendle responded when we asked:

How did you come up with the idea for this video?

"The character in this song lives, and long seeks for love. That is his purpose, so in the first part of the video he has a rope around his neck with blood on his face. This would symbolize for suicide is always an option, a way for escape but he knows he still has a purpose somehow thats why he's standing on flat ground.

The second part i wanted him to be sitting and talk with a dead girl, thats why her eyes are blue and the blood. The meaning to this is a big metaphor showing that she is dead to him but he doesn't see that. So in the last scene its dark with drawing all over the wall i like to think of it as him in his own mind/space."

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