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Kim Sonders – Superstar

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Check out Kim Sonders's latest mainstream music visual Superstar. This is what Kim Sonders had to say when asked:

Was there a particular message you were trying to convey in this video? Why?

"This music video was created to communicate the message of the song. Being a superstar is the fundamental attitude of the last generation. The social setting from my time in the sixties seems to have been pushed into the background of the new generation of young people's mindset.
Everything's all about me! So the message of "Kim Sonders Superstar" is obviously satirical. However, I cannot declare myself free from the race. Therefore, I'm not hiding myself in alternative music styles. I've even been inside all the new substance that the song is about, except that I only own a smartphone. I do not condemn people for being ambitious and productive. I appreciate the very kind people. For these reasons I feel that I have earned a certain right to make fun of the new generation's attitude. With my song "Superstar" from my second album, I simply want to challenge people to take themselves a little less seriously, and laugh about their funny dreams from time to time like I do."

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