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Leo Manzari – Tattle Tale

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Have a look at Leo Manzari's fresh new hip hop music video Tattle Tale. Here's how Leo Manzari responded when we asked:

Where did you get your inspiration for this video?

""'Tattle Tale' is a purging track. It’s a track that calls out those slacking on their responsibilities to be truthful and straight forward. It uses his creative and imaginative lyrics to playfully jump around the metronome, throwing all kinds of triplets, 16th notes, and 32nd notes."

"The song is filled with lyrical acrobats mixed with a hard, bass-heavy beat produced by his fellow New York artist, VISIONNAIRE."

"There’s nothing cleaner than well-articulated lyrics, and precise word placement to make a good song even better." - LEO MANZARI reflecting on the writing and production of Tattle Tale, a teaser for the 2020 release of From The Other Side of the World.

"Tattle Tale’s music video demonstrates the songwriter's unique ability to emote pure emotion through every limb of his body. This double-time visual footage of Manzari’s performance entices the viewer to be hypnotized by every word, and really lock onto what every word means to the songwriter.""

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