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Lowdy Trail – The One Ft. Alana K. (Prod.Omito)

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This is Lowdy Trail 's latest hip hop visual The One Ft. Alana K. (Prod.Omito) . Here's how Lowdy Trail responded when we asked:

How do you want people to feel at the end of watching this? Why?

"I want people to feel and know how much the drive and dedication is for me to want to make it in this music industry. It's more then just me wanting to be famous or the one to make it. I come from Colorado and this genre is over 40+ years old and to this date no one from here has put it on the hip-hop/rap map. I want people to one day say my state when they name off all the states with talent on the United States map. Many artists have come before me and gone far but still not far enough to do it. This is even more the the reason why I stride to be in my words THE ONE. It's not just the number one in this music but the one who they say history put this state on the map for futture artists that come after me to have a better chance. "

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